Meet JJ, a Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog

G-Force One of Desert Meadow

Eye of the Storm of Desert Meadow X California Dreamgirl of Desert Meadow
Blue Merle
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We kinda got JJ by accident. I was helping out my friend from Germany, Nadine Witt, by keeping him here for several months, not realizing that JJ and I would become so attached! He is my little boy. I’ve never had Blue Merles—I always bred Bi-Blues—but JJ changed all that. He is just so loving and cuddly. He’s always there on my lap, giving hugs and kisses. When I ask my husband where JJ was, he’d always say, “Just look down”, and he was right by my side. JJ loves his toys and bones. What a special boy he is. You can look forward to some Blue Merles and Tri’s in the future breedings here at LND Shelties!